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[Hey, it's Greed. Looking far more serious than he did the last time he showed his face on the network. He has the 'Gear propped up so he can talk with his hands today.]

Alphonse Elric has vanished-- gone home, I assume, since I can't get in contact with him; the Gear says his number isn't registered.

If anyone ended up with his Pokemon, can you let me know? I don't want 'em or anything like that, I just want to make sure the guys have all ended up in good hands, you know?

....Just let me know. They're probably upset right about now.
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[Greed looks... significantly more upbeat than he did the last time he showed up on camera.

A little too upbeat, actually. Especially for him.]

I've been here for nearly two years, and I just have to say, these have been the greatest two years of my life.

I'll never forget that shark hurricane during the July I showed up here!

That needs to happen again, who else agrees?!

[Apparently we're going to be very excited over something that nearly destroyed the coastline of Johto today.]
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[For a very long moment, Greed stares blearily at the camera.

He doesn't speak, just wraps a fuzzy blanket around his shoulders and looks like he's fuming.]

You know what I really don't like?

Falling asleep for more than a month and waking up to it snowing.

When the hell is it going to be spring again?!
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[It's been several months since Greed last posted to the network. He's actually not on camera when the feed turns on, instead a very concerned Feraligatr is holding the 'Gear, setting the camera down carefully on a couch.]

That's fine, Bido.

[Greed sounds... tense, but not terribly concerned.]

So, I know this is nothing new at this point, but those weird looking hybrids that have been running around? Clearly diseased or something. I'd be holding the gear myself, but, well...

[And as if on cue, Bido twists the camera around so Greed comes into view-- he's transparent in places, looks like his legs have somehow vanished altogether, and with the red splotches on his face, he, well...

Looks a little too much like a Yamask for comfort.]

This is goddamn creepy.
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[It's been a while since he was last on camera.

Greed looks cold and annoyed, and he's wrapped himself in a blanket. It's not that cold in his house, he's just being a little melodramatic.


You know, the last time the weather went haywire, the world nearly ended a few months later. It's not like I'm saying another Legendary Pokemon is going to show up without warning--

[He frowns.]

Nah, who am I fooling. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Shiptrap Night 3

Monday, 17 August 2015 04:56 pm
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[The execution has shaken him.

It was vulgar and disgusting. Desecrating the dead in such a way, and then doing... that to two people. These executions have begun to wear on him. At least Sephiroth was able to go out fighting, even if it did injure a person in the process.

This... this is just murder. It's no different than what the General is doing.

After the execution, he comes up with an idea. Someone he can trust-- like Murdock, who has made it obvious he's trustworthy because of the discussion earlier in the day, and tonight. He makes his presence known, doesn't really want to sneak up on a blind man.]

It's Greed. I was wondering if I could have some of your time.

[Before they both pass out, at any rate. He wants to make this quick, so he can find some sort of shelter.]

Shiptrap Night 1

Saturday, 8 August 2015 10:24 pm
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[Well, that was an utter shitshow.

Two young women, dead. It's not something Greed can stand.

He's no fool, though. It'll happen again tomorrow. It'll happen again tonight, until there's no one left but the General and his foxes. There aren't many people he wants to trust on this island, and trust isn't something he can actually afford to give at the moment, but being alone here seems to be even more of a death sentence than being in a pair.

He finally approaches the man he's been looking for, his expression more neutral than anything else, but there's still an edge to his voice.]

I wouldn't mind some of your time tonight.
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[Greed appears on camera, looking proud of himself and showing off an assortment of eggs.]

So I ended up with a lot of these recently. Pretty damn cool, huh? I've got a lot of 'em, and they're all ready to go to a good home. I think my prices are pretty fair, too.

If you don't like the price, I guess we could talk something out.

[A curious Meowth works her way to the camera, staring at it before she looks from Greed to the eggs, lets out a soft meow and cuts the camera off with a paw as Greed can be heard in the background saying, "No, don't touch that!"]

((ooc: eggs still available here!))
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[He's had this song and dance happen before, several times now. It's the same thing every time-- a few days of normalcy before he goes back to being human, and then he's back to no access to his abilities for another six months. It's irritating; he's not sure how to handle it, but Greed's been here for long enough it doesn't really matter, not exactly.

At least he's having a fun time.

Greed's not interested in causing chaos where people can get hurt, but that hasn't stopped him from deciding to play a game of punch-the-tree with a powerfully clawed hand.

Look, he's just really missed his Ultimate Shield. It doesn't actually hurt him, but all of the Pidgeys nearby have flown away from the wild man with the fist made out of iron.]
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A year ago today, I found myself in this place. I thought of it as a new beginning, an escape. It's still an escape, really. I didn't think I'd be around here for very long, honestly, after hearing that people don't tend to stick around here for very long.

Yet here I am.

Kinda amazing, huh?

Anyway, I figured I'd say something about today; I'd rather like to consider it my birthday. I don't know what my real one is, so I might as well use the day I arrived here.

A whole year.

Here's to getting lucky and having a second one in this place.
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So here's a question. This place still likes hypothetical, doesn't it?

Say a while ago something happened to you. One of those should be impossible situations that you were nevertheless curious about. But you don't remember it too well so you were hoping that maybe lightning strikes twice. Just maybe, you'll get your chance to have it happen again and this time remember the situation with a bit more clarity than the last.

You're just that lucky-- it happens again by some act of divine providence.

But when it happens again everything about it feels strange. It's like looking into one of those funhouse mirrors. Everything about it is off. It feels wrong. You remember all of it this time and wonder, despite it being what you wanted, if you dearly wish you didn't. It makes you question yourself. Why would you want to have it happen again? Maybe there was a reason why you don't remember it happening the first time.

What would you do? What the hell kind of situation would you find yourself wanting to happen again? I'd like to know, if you don't mind.

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[This time, when the shift happens, Greed is prepared. It's been six months, and it's finally hit him that given how long he spent locked away in a prison with no exit, it shouldn't feel like he's been here a long time-- what that really means is it's been seven months since he broke free of Dante's grasp, and that is a big deal no matter how he looks at it. And yet it does feel like a long time, precisely because it's been half a year without Dante.

He's too proud of himself, like he had been upon first finding himself in the region.

Yesterday, the snow had bothered him because of how cold it was. Today, now that he can't quite feel the coldness of the snow, it's more entertaining than anything else. Maybe in a few days there will be enough snow for him to cause problems with. It's a little unfortunate there isn't enough snow on the ground for him to do anything with it now, but he'll deal with it.

As it is, shifting his hand (his entire body, really) into its carbon-black form is something he's missed.

Terrorizing an entire city would be pretty damn easy to do at the moment, but Greed is going to restrain himself, poorly. Prowling around and generally looking like he's up to something makes him look like the least subtle cat possible isn't something Greed is going to get away with for long. Maybe he'll be able to find someone he recognizes before one of the locals who haven't been horribly glitched some to ask him what the hell he's doing.

Or, more likely, he'll get bored halfway through whatever he's currently doing in favor of paying a visit to his favorite cafe.]
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[This is most likely stupid, but he doesn't see any other option.

Maybe they'll be safe for another day, maybe not. It's better to take care of this now, so as soon as he gets the opportunity after the trial, he approaches Kimbley, jerking his head in the general direction of the rooms they're "sleeping" in.]

I need to speak with you. Alone. If you don't mind.

[Like with everything else, it sounds like it's just a suggestion. Like he won't even really protest if Kimbley refuses.]
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It's been a few months, but I'm back in Goldenrod. I'd say I'm glad to be back, but apparently the ground shaking had to go and happen again not long after I got off the train. I don't have much experience with earthquakes, but we've had a few in a row. That can't exactly be a good sign.

Anyone know what the hell is going on? Is this going to be happening all the time now? At least they're not causing any damage, though the crystal I grabbed back in May makes me think that this is some kind of omen of things to come.

In any event, there are a few of you I wouldn't mind speaking with now that I've returned. I think you all know who you are but I'll be in contact at some point regardless.

Let's hope we've seen the last of this crap until then, yeah?

action for Goldenrod City )


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